Introducing Crypto Fellas dev team


HC Lee

Designed SRC system.

Seven years in sales engineer at B2B software company

Justing Chang

Experienced developer and project manager with a track record of successfully executing multiple blockchain projects.


Gary J

Developed backend service of SRC app.

Full-stack dev of 8 years.

Jungmin So

App front-end. 5 years in front end dev.

Jinsung Yang

Web front-end. Experienced web developer.

Dean Kang

Blockchain developer.


Moon Kim

Experienced UX/UI designer.

Seungho Baek

Designed UI of SRC APP. Experienced product designer.


Logan Kim

Experienced COO and marketers in various projects.

Development Team Project Manager at VertexLab Inc.

Marketing Manager, IBITX Exchange, Inc.

Planning Manager, Blockchain Business Division, Bandaeng Corporation

Development of Songji Information System, responsible for PDM.

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