Data business model

Business model

SRC.ai's business model is centered around creating a comprehensive, high-quality training dataset for autonomous driving and ADAS development, which is crowd-sourced from users worldwide. The platform leverages a dual approach to generate revenue and drive innovation in the industry.

  1. Data Marketplace: SRC.ai's primary revenue stream comes from selling access to its extensive, diverse, and continuously growing vision dataset to researchers, companies, and institutions working on autonomous driving technologies. The dataset, collected through the platform's gamified dapp and processed using its AI-powered pipeline, offers a unique value proposition in terms of size, quality, and real-world representation. SRC.ai charges data consumers a subscription fee or pay-per-use fee to access the dataset, with pricing tiers based on factors such as data volume, diversity, and update frequency. This model ensures a steady and scalable income stream for the platform while providing data consumers with cost-effective access to high-quality training data.

  2. LLM Development and Licensing: In addition to selling access to its dataset, SRC.ai plans to develop its own state-of-the-art Large Language Model (LLM) specifically tailored for autonomous driving applications. By training the LLM on its extensive, diverse, and continuously updated dataset, SRC.ai aims to create a highly effective and adaptable model that can be licensed to automotive manufacturers, tier-1 suppliers, and other companies developing autonomous driving systems. The LLM licensing fees will provide an additional revenue stream for the platform, while also driving innovation and accelerating the adoption of autonomous vehicles.


Running Time

Total Distance

Route and speed

User drive path and speed

Dashcam recordings and images mapped to routes

Uploaded dashcam recordings. Recordings are sliced into images for multi format training datasets.

Daily limit of reward distance

The limit of reward distance.

Reward distance

Distance you consumed to get reward

Rewarded distance

Distance you are rewarded by driving under the speed table.

Safe driving distance

Total driving distance under the speed table regardless of reward limit.

Cloaking distance (Reward boost)

Distance where reward is guaranteed regardless of violation. Use Cloaking recharger item to recharge used cloaking distance.

Cloaking distance limit

The limit of the cloaking distance. Higher Stealth points give increased limit.

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