Vehicle NFT Attributes

AttributeRelated to


Daily cloaking distance


Tire repair cost

Leveling up NFT gives two level-up points to upgrade Stealth and Endurance.


In SRC app, rewarding is only qualified when user speed in under the SRC speed limit table. At enhanced Stealth attribute, the user gets increased limit of distance for guaranteed reward. The guaranteed reward distance is so called Cloaking Distance.

For example, if Cloaking distance is 5km by upgrading Stealth attribute, the user will be rewarded in the violation distance of 5km. Stealth and cloaking distance table can be found in Stealth Page.


For the resilience feature, tires wear out at reward driving. In default, 10% of reward distance is charged for repair. The higher Endurance, the less repair cost charged by repair cost factor.

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