You can create a new NFT in the app. With the new NFT, you can own, upgrade and sell NFT in the market.

Mint a new NFT

To mint NFT, you need followings:

  1. Two NFTs in the chain

  2. Safe Road Club Tokens ($SRC)


Maximum minting count for an NFT is 5. A car used in minting for five times, no longer be able to mint. Both cars must have minting count less than five to mint a new car NFT.


NFT1 Mint count 2 + NFT2 Mint count 3 => Mint => NFT1 Mint count: 3 and NFT2 Mint count: 4

NFT1 Mint count 5 + NFT2 Mint count 3 => Not able to mint


Once minted, there are 48 hours of cooldown time for the two parents and the new NFT.

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