Problems and Solution

Problem Statements

  1. Insufficient and low-quality vision data: Current datasets for autonomous driving and ADAS development are limited in size, diversity, and quality, often failing to capture the wide range of real-world driving scenarios. This leads to suboptimal performance and safety concerns.

  2. High costs and inefficiencies in data acquisition: Collecting, annotating, and maintaining large-scale vision datasets is expensive and time-consuming for individual researchers and companies, limiting access to high-quality data and slowing down innovation in the field.

  3. Data privacy and security concerns: Sharing sensitive vehicle and driver data raises concerns about privacy and security, as centralized data storage systems are vulnerable to breaches and unauthorized access.

Solution Overview addresses the challenges in autonomous driving and ADAS development by offering a decentralized, blockchain-based platform:

  1. Decentralized data collection through gamified dapp:'s user-friendly dapp gamifies the data collection process, incentivizing drivers worldwide to contribute their dash cam recordings and GPS data. This approach ensures a vast, diverse, and continuously growing dataset that better represents real-world driving conditions.

  2. Collaborative and incentivized data sharing: The platform creates a decentralized data marketplace where contributors are rewarded with $SRC tokens for sharing their anonymized vision data. This reduces costs and inefficiencies for data consumers while providing a new income stream for data contributors.

  3. Blockchain-based data management: By leveraging blockchain technology, ensures data integrity, privacy, and transparency. Anonymized data is securely stored and shared on the decentralized network, minimizing the risk of breaches and unauthorized access.

  4. AI-powered data processing and standardization:'s AI-powered data processing pipeline extracts valuable road images from dash cam videos, integrates GPS data, and prepares the dataset in a standardized format. This ensures compatibility and interoperability across different research and development teams.

  5. Decentralized governance and aligned incentives: The platform aligns the interests of data contributors, consumers, and the overall advancement of autonomous driving technology through its decentralized governance model and token economics. The $SRC token serves as a means of incentivizing participation, collaboration, and decision-making within the ecosystem.

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